Dount Maker Box
Tailored for Early Year STEM/STEAM Box

  • Inspire curious young mind

  • Bilingual interactive learning magazine with STEM/STEAM topics

  • Promote hands-on play and inquiry learning to be done at home

  • Offer curriculum aligned materials to support parents/ teachers to master these topics

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What is Donut Maker Box?

We believe young children have a curious mind about the world and things around them. When children ask questions, they are developing their critical thinking skills and building their STEAM capabilities. When they ask “Why?” try to not provide the answer. Instead, respond with alternative questions and ideas, and encourage them to search for answers and solutions themselves.

Donut Maker Box help introduce key STEAM skills by teaching young children to:

Ask questions

Think creatively

Solve problems


Test solutions to problems

Discover new ways of doing things

Curriculum Aligned

Learning materials are closely aligned with kindergarten curriculum; begin inquiry learning from an early age.

Bilingual Holistic Learning

Include Chinese and English Learning magazine- Donut Makerzine, STEM/STEAM toy, online lessons and content revision worksheets.

Parent & Child Quality Time

Constructive quality time between parent and child or train up your child to do self- study at home with fun STEM/STEAM topics.

Dount Maker Box
Monthly Interesting Content


Fun interactive easy to make STEM/STEAM toy

Donut Makerzine Monthly Magazine

Bilingual learning content aligned with kindergarten curriculum

Online Lessons

Structured guided online learning done by experienced STEM teacher

Content Revision Worksheets

Revision materials to refresh what kids have learnt in the lesson


Explore the mysteries of space and learn about different planets

Solar Energy

Learn how sunlight can be turned into electricity

Food Science

Exploring the relationship between food and electricity

Light And Color

Learn about the three primary colours of light and how light and colour are related


Understand the unpredictability of weather

Time And Number

Develop the concept of time and recognise the concepts in numbers and quantities in their environment

Artisanal Movement

Design your favourite flower world and create unique and flowing art


Meet the ancient animal and create your own exclusive dinosaurs with light and shadow projection


Learn about the structure of the aircraft and the concept of air pressure

Animal World

Learn to observe the growing relationship between plants and insects


Discover how modern robots can change human life

Human Body

Understand the structure of the human body and learn to be a kid doctor

Dount Maker Box
Content Highlight

Dount Maker Box

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Dount Maker Box
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