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Maker Movement

Maker Movement is taking over the educational world and Donut is standing strongly behind this. At Maker Park kids can experience STEAM and project-based learning through innovation and creation. Follow Donut’s step and become a Maker of your own kind.

Block builder

With these Japanese designed blocks, kids can safely learn to build various models including sharks, cars, houses, robots and flowers. Donut Blocks are perfect in nurturing creativity and imagination!

Sensory Dancer

Kids simply sit, step or hop on these liquid tiles to watch the colours seep and swirl! Designed with a no-slip backing, the tiles are filled with coloured liquid that creates ever-changing patterns when pressure is applied. In this way kids are inspired to think and create train their gross motor skills.

Soft play engineer

Discover the excitement of building a tent, dome or a hideout with these leaf-shaped playmats. They are soft and bright in colour, perfect for babies and toddlers to roll around.

Curious explorer

Grippies Builders combines tactile exploration, magnetic play and an introduction to the basic principles of engineering and geometry. The unique magnetic rod and ball configuration provides a secure, frustration-free set of construction options as children first discover the joy of building.

Creative Artist

Enable your kids to explore their inner artist with these fun and easy to use Donut Poster Paint Crayon. Little painters can draw their masterpieces with any of the 12 brightly coloured paint crayons which give a smooth and clean finish, leaving no mess behind.